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Surprising absolutely no one, Bush called it quits after his terrible performance in SC, where he collected only 7.8% of the vote. As expected, there are plenty of articles detailing the nightmare his campaign became and the reasons why he failed so badly. In particular, Michael Bender’s piece at Bloomberg and Philip Elliot and Zeke Miller’s piece at Time are excellent analyses of what went wrong.

I won’t waste time detailing what I already said about Bush’s foundering campaign, but the simple point remains: the Bush team never anticipated Trump and went into the whole ordeal completely misreading the political landscape.

So now everyone will say Rubio will get a boost from Bush supporters—supposing, of course, that Bush endorses him and his supporters (you know, all twelve of them) aren’t so dismayed that they stay home.

One last thing: in many of the pieces coming out about Bush, there is an aura of pity permeating their paragraphs. There’s a sense that you should feel bad for Jeb. But you shouldn’t. Remember who he is. Remember what he’s done. Although a confluence of obstacles ultimately hobbled his run, we should collectively sigh in relief that a third Bush will not be President.