Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, asked this:

The easy answer is that it will be directed at the same targets it already targets: government, immigrants, Muslims, media, etc. No matter how strong the media campaign against him would be, his supporters wouldn’t hear it even if it came from Breitbart, because they don’t believe a thing the media say anyway. Because congress, whatever its makeup of Pubs and Dems, would be highly unlikely to entertain many of Emperor Trump’s proposals, Trump supporters wouldn’t blame their man—they’d blame the intransigent government that denied Trump the power to do what people elected him to do. And so they’d stay angry.

But the anger isn’t going to go anywhere regardless of whether Trump improves their lives; he can’t and won’t, but if his supporters even got a modicum of what they’re asking for, they’d still be enraged—enraged at a system that denied them what they’d wanted (or had been told to want) for decades. If Trump actually built a wall that deterred illegal immigration, or if he ordered forceful deportations of even a modest amount of illegal immigrants, their anger wouldn’t abate. They’d see it as proof positive that the government and immigrants and media were the ultimate sources of their grievances, and all it took was to elect an outside strongman to tear the system a new one—and they’d want more of it. Their anger would surround a target until it was destroyed, and they’re angry at a lot of things.

I’m not going to go so far as to suggest that fierce Trumpites are Brownshirts in the making, but it’s more than unsettling that Trump takes aims at the media at his rallies and it encourages the followers to act similarly, or that he expresses to an agitated crowd he’d like to punch a protester in the same room in the face, there isn’t a moment’s hesitation from the crowd. They join in. They say more vile things than he does. and act more recklessly. They’re ready to act. It’s not merely that their anger and fear is being addressed—Fox News and Limbaugh and Tea Party Republicans have done that to some extent—it’s that their anger and fear is being manifested in a man who could take control of the most powerful office on earth. It would be the ultimate validation of everything they believe—and the ultimate danger to what our country could become.