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Because Donald Trump didn’t literally take a shot at any of the other Republican candidates at Thursday night’s debate, CNN’s anchors spoke in the post-show about how ‘mature’ and ‘substantive’ the debate was. But as I discussed in my last post, one candidate in particular has proven to not be mature in any sense. And now we have this:

politico protest

Dozens were injured in St. Louis, too. Between the both of them, some pretty scary images are coming out:

protest 1

protest 2

Have some factions of the right come out and place blame where blame is due? In some respects, yes. but you can expect a whole lot more of this:

Before the protests in Chicago, O’Reilly tweeted this:

Too violent? As in, some violence at a political rally is okay, but not too much?

And today, Trump discussed the polarization in today’s America, saying we have to change our thinking, and ends the same sentence with ‘If there’s a group out there, just throw them the hell out.’

Regardless of who started punching first, right-wing media has already decided the protesters are to blame for both the violence and their fascistic impulse to block free speech. They will do as little as possible to address the increasingly violent rhetoric Trump has employed in his rallies, in debates, and in interviews. They will point to a campaign official telling the crowd to ‘go in peace’ as evidence the campaign attempted to avoid violence, despite it being incredibly brief and half-hearted. They will imply that protesters shouldn’t protest if they’re protesting anything right-wing. They will make Trump the victim in this.

Trump is not a ‘mature’ candidate. He is cold and calculating, purposefully stokes the flames of violence, and throws his hands in the air when anyone tries to ask him a question about it. We know what right-wing media will say, what Trump supporters and fringe conservatives will say, so it’s up to everyone else to push back against this before it’s too late.