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I don’t mean to seriously wade into the discussion of who Donald Trump might pick as his VP should he get the nomination, but I wanted to raise the possibility of one option I don’t think anyone’s mentioned yet and dispel some other popular notions

Doing a quick Google search didn’t give me too many links to recent pieces on Trump VP possibilities—most were from late January or February and discussed candidates like Ted Cruz, with whom Trump had a more cordial relationship at the time. Further, Cruz wouldn’t bring a state with him; Texas will go red even if Trump is the nominee. Same is true of Ben Carson. Because he’s not an elected official, he’s unlikely to bring any state that might otherwise be unwinnable to the table. All he has going for him is his likability, because for some reason conservatives see that sleepy face and fall head over heels for every Nyquil-induced monologue.

Christie’s also a no-go, because Trump is from New York and Christie New Jersey, and having an all-east coast, all-“fuck you” ticket (as Bill Maher put it) isn’t viable, not least because of geography, but because this election has been so steeped in gender and minority talking points that a dual white guy ticket isn’t going to work, regardless of each party’s nominee.

Trump will be facing Clinton, and he’s been criticized routinely and rightly for his horrific statements against women and minorities. So if he’s not a complete loon, even he will have to recognize that he’ll need someone other than a white dude to run with.

That’s why I’m half-heartedly suggesting he might choose North Carolina House Representative Renee Ellmers. Ellmers endorsed Trump a week ago—the only sitting female House rep to do so. The last instance I can find of a candidate choosing a House member as a running mate is Mondale in ’84 when he chose Geraldine Ferraro of New York, and got totally routed in the general against Reagan. (Cheney was also a House rep at one time in his career, but he moved on to Secretary of Defense afterwards.) For that reason it might not be politically expedient—Ellmers is not well-known even in NC, but hey, Palin got the VP nom in ’08 and no one knew who she was (for better or worse).

Ellmers has the edge (I guess) over SC Governor Nikki Haley because Haley endorsed Rubio, and she has the edge over Fiorina because Fiorina is also an unelected candidate, not to mention an endorser of Ted Cruz, Trump’s number one enemy right now. Trump might go with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, though it could be dangerous given Martinez has gotten flak for allegedly being drunk at a rowdy party in a hotel. Ellmers isn’t clean herself: she’s been accused recently of having an affair.

North Carolina is potentially a swing state. Traditionally it’s gone red but went blue for Obama in ’08 before reverting for Romney in ’12. According to head-to-head polls, though, Clinton beats Trump in NC 44-42. And since Trump is so inept he might lose a state like Utah, he’ll need everything he can get.

It’s just a spitball. Trump is just as likely to choose Ann Coulter or Judge Judy as a running mate, so no, I wouldn’t bet money on him going with Ellmers. It’s just that an endorsement from Ellmers tells me she obviously wants something, especially since she’s up for reelection and even entertained the idea of running for the senate. Or maybe he’ll choose a white guy.