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John Kasich keeps posting stuff like this to his Twitter account:

Whenever he gets the chance, Kasich brings this up, saying that the reason he’ll get the nomination at the possible brokered convention is because “he’s the only Republican who can win.”

Now, Bernie Sanders has done the same thing, pointing out that even though Clinton beats Trump, Sanders beats Trump by a lot more. He also points out that he beats Cruz and Kasich. However, detractors say that were Sanders to get the nomination, his numbers would take a big hit once the Republican propaganda machine rolled out its arsenal and fired an unending stream of ‘socialist!’ shots at him, and I generally think they’re right.

And I think the same is true of Kasich. Take a look at that poll he cited. His own victory over Clinton is within the margin of error.

Okay, okay; that’s not the only poll that shows a Kasich victory. There’s this one from PPP that shows Kasich beating Clinton 45-41, and this one from Monmouth showing Kasich winning 45-39. But you know what? It’s not because Kasich’s a true moderate. It’s because voters still don’t know much about him.

Look at the percentage of people who are unsure about their view of Kasich:

kasich ppp

kasich monmouth

In the PPP poll, 12% are unsure about either Cruz or Sanders, and in the Monmouth poll, 20% are unsure about Cruz, so Kasich still leads in the ‘unsure’ category by and 9% and 12%, respectively.

If Sanders is in trouble because the right might throw socialism in his face, surely Democrats will parade Kasich’s not-so-moderate record around. Kasich defunded Planned Parenthood, which effectively shut down half the abortion clinics in Ohio and severely limited women’s access to proper obstetric care. He wants to cut Social Security spending. He wants to lower taxes on corporations to below 25%. If these came into the light, he wouldn’t be liberals’ favorite Republican, and it’s doubtful these positions would make him popular with independents.

Kasich is electable right now, but that’s because voters don’t know anything about him, and compared to the circus of Trump and Cruz, Kasich looks like your goofy dad. Given time, he’d be shown for what he is—another Republican goon out to make life worse for the people.