I started this blog a little less than a year ago. What my goal was then I can’t quite remember, but in looking over the few posts I managed to make over the few months this thing was in operation, I noticed that it was, at the very least, a nice little repository for my thoughts on different political matters, with links nicely grouped together for convenience’s sake. One reason I stopped writing (there were many) was that absorbing so much news media, processing them, filtering them, and shaping reactions into a cohesive narrative day-in, day-out was mentally draining and soul-crushing. It almost immediately became apparent to me how op-ed writers could judge the political landscape so incorrectly—they’re neck-high in the shit and are desperately looking for patterns.

I figured leave it to others. There are plenty of professional writers and bloggers I admire and who do a bang-up job of sussing out BS. And I certainly didn’t plan on starting this thing up again. But with the election of Trump, I couldn’t let it go. There are going to be way too many lies and scandals to keep track of, and a repository that articulates my own thoughts and feelings to each one—not to mention just catalogs them, which is going to be useful—is exactly what I, and I assume many others, will need.

But who knows? As I mentioned, one of the reasons I dropped out of the blogging game was that it was too soul-crushing, and that was before Trump got the nomination. Now he’s going to be president. I had no intention of burying my head in the sand until I could show up to the voting booth in 2018, but I knew it would be impossible to keep track of innumerable calamities the Trump administration is bound to provide. And so I’m starting this again, hopefully posting with regularity, to perform a (very) small but I think important duty—staying informed, and reminding myself constantly of what we’re up against, no matter how difficult that might be.