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The Principled Conservatives© of National Review have a message to all their readers:


Unlike The New York Times and Washington Post, who can attribute their spike in readers and subscriptions to their rigorous and investigative coverage LIBRUL BIAS of Donald Trump, National Review owes their traffic bump to something a bit different.

See, National Review used to be #NeverTrump (they had an entire issue dedicated to the cause where they let even Glenn Beck write a piece—because nothing says Serious Intellectuals Up In This Bitch like Glenn “I Can’t Disprove the Existence of FEMA Camps” Beck), but once they realized that the Trump Train was gaining steam, they kinda waivered and said, “Well, we don’t like him, but Hillary is obviously worse.” One of their Esteemed Writers© David French was harassed relentlessly by Trump’s alt-right goons for daring to criticize the Dear Leader. Did this strengthen Mr. French’s resolve? Nah. He went right back to doing the same old shit he always did. Here’s his most recent piece as of the writing of this post:


Priorities, people.

And now that Trump is in office? Why, they can’t seem to stop writing article after article about how ridiculous it is that liberals are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. As I’ve pointed out before, Jonah Goldberg admits that there’s really no problem conservatives have with Trump’s policies. No, no! It’s his behavior that’s so problematic:

By now you may have noticed the difficulty many conservatives have defending everything President Trump does and says. I’m not just referring to the big policy moves, most of which conservatives can support fairly easily (so far). I mean the whole whiplash-inducing spectacle: the unfiltered, impulsive tweeting, bizarre interview non sequiturs, glib insults, and distractions.

If only we could get someone to propose the same horrific policies in a voice that sounds reasoned and in language abstruse enough to muddy the message!

I’m surprised Bill Kristol has held out this long as a #NeverTrumper. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the hacks at National Review bent over the second they realized page clicks were more important than Principled Conservatism©. And those page clicks aren’t coming because they’re staunch critics of Trump. You’re not a critic if all you criticize him for is how he says something and not its substance.