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Marc Thiessen has quite the hypothesis today (“The attack on Jeff Sessions is part of the new McCarthyism,” The Washington Post, 3/6/2016):

Sessions is the victim of the type of McCarthyite character assassination that the left used to condemn. Remember when accusing people without evidence of coordinating with the Kremlin was frowned upon? No longer, apparently.

I’ll restate that in a more accurate way: “Expecting people to be truthful while testifying under oath is McCarthyism.”

See, there are a lot of people in Trump’s camp who have had contact with Russians, and while I can appreciate the irony of the left getting antsy about a thoroughly Cold War-era worry, the only reason we ever find out that people in Trump’s circle have had contact with Russian officials is because the press keeps discovering it’s true in case after case. And, predictably, people in Trump’s camp keep lying about it, which is what Jeff Sessions did. He lied. Usually when government officials want to lie under oath, they just say, “I can’t recall.” The Trump team can’t even do that.

Actually, McCarthyism is more like Trump’s accusation that Obama tapped his offices, saying that it definitively happened, offering zero evidence, and then ordering congress to investigate. Yeah. That’s more like McCarthyism.

But hey, maybe Thiessen doesn’t want a series of character assassinations and witch hunts. Well, his attitude towards Benghazi doesn’t really reflect that:

Nor do his feelings about Hillary Clinton and her emails:

As for the witch hunts, some in the media need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Waiting for you, Mr. Thiessen.