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In a bizarre post on Politico, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter complains that the conservative media has gone all in for Trump (“How the Conservative Media Become Trump’s Lapdogs,” Politico, 3/15/2017):

For years, conservatives breathlessly accused the media of being too easy on President Barack Obama and for acting like a bunch of sycophantic bootlickers for his administration. Turns out, some only wanted the chance to try it out for themselves once a Republican was in office.

The chance to try it. Because nothing like that happened—even with the supposedly ‘liberal’ media—during the Bush administration directly after 9/11 and leading up to and including a good chunk of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sean Hannity sycophantically licked George Bush’s boots for eight years.

Sadly these media personalities—easily found in places such as Breitbart and Fox News—have become exactly what they hated their mainstream media foes for being: biased cheerleaders all too willing to ignore any misdeeds by the president in the name of helping him enact his agenda.

Carpenter doesn’t understand the mindset of the conservative media she’s denouncing. They didn’t despise the mainstream media for being ‘biased cheerleaders’ for Obama; they despised the mainstream media for not being conservative like them. No one in conservative media has ever had any intention other than advancing a pro-Republican, anti-Democratic agenda.

Just look at the outlets she criticizes (Fox, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit), or even the ones she faintly praises (The Washington Examiner, the Federalist), and notice how since their inception they have run nothing but pro-Republican, anti-Democratic articles.

Like good conspiracy theorists, each of them follows the same formula—pick the conclusion you want to reach, construct a narrative, and work backwards until you get to the spurring event. It’s that simple.