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Let’s cut to the chase in Principled Conservative© Jonah Goldberg’s newest piece (“The problem with the Trump presidency is Trump,” LA Times, 4/4/2017):

In short, the problem is Trump’s personality. His presidency doesn’t suffer from a failure of ideas, but a failure of character.

That’s the thrust of the piece. The pompousness with which Trump delivers know-nothing proposals to staffers leaves them “scrambling,” and, to put a really fine and terrifying note on it, Trump “has no idea what he wants to do or how to get it done,” the exact kind of quality you want in the most powerful man in the world.

But Goldberg, being the Republican apologist he is, makes sure not to blame any of the satellite groups that continue to enable and support Trump:

He doesn’t blame conservative media, which spends all day apologizing for Trump, blaming his “enemies,” and whipping up new and false conspiracy theories that explain away his failures and seeming unpopularity—and I’m not just talking about Sean Hannity and Bill “Fox News Settled Sexual Harassment Allegations on My Behalf for $13 Million” O’Reilly and the psychopaths at Breitbart; Goldberg’s own National Review, for every criticism it offers, has gone out of its way to defend Trump. So has Goldberg.

He doesn’t blame the Republican party, which defends Trump no matter what stupid thing he says or does, who opened an investigation as to whether Barack Obama ordered Trump to be spied on based on nothing more than Trump’s tweets, which he issued because he saw it on Breitbart. A party that potentially compromised an investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians by allowing Devin Nunes to run off to the White House with information he didn’t disclose to his fellow investigatory members. A party who unilaterally blocked Obama’s Supreme Court nominee because “fuck you,” and who now will alter the rules of the senate forever to get their way because, again, “fuck you.” A party that endorses as a candidate the man who brags about grabbing women “by the pussy.”

And he doesn’t blame the voters, many of whom don’t agree with a lot of Trump’s vile behavior and may even dislike him. But many of them do like Trump’s darker tendencies. They revel in the way he talks about hurting people—Mexicans, women, Muslims, you name it. They chant “Lock Her Up” and “Build That Wall.” They’re the white nationalists like David Duke and Richard Spencer who get up every day and are absolutely tickled that one of their own, Steve Bannon, is sitting alongside Trump.

So no, Jonah, it’s not just Trump that’s the problem. It’s you and all your friends.