The “book” in question is the kind of gag only a conservative could think is funny: it’s 250 blank pages.

And that’s all it is. A gag. It’s the kind of gift whose audience is almost nebulous—I can only imagine one Republican gifting it to another in the hopes that he hasn’t seen it (because there’s only one joke), but beyond that there’s not much to be done with it. It’s hard to imagine someone buying the book for themselves.

It’s the kind of thing that could exist in a sketch comedy show, where the author is at a book reading and stands at the podium silently with his blank page tome while the audience in the bookstore listens with rapt attention, nodding knowingly and chuckling at absent witticisms, and when the author “finishes” the audience applauds. That could be funny. Actually printing the thing and selling it isn’t.

But Michael J. Knowles, the author, is making a good buck off of it—it’s a bestseller on Amazon and has been for some time. Yep. Lots of people are actually spending money on a book whose single joke they already know before it gets to them. I’m afraid that reveals far more about the person who purchases it rather than the book’s intended target.

So here’s the obvious joke you weren’t waiting for: Of course Trump recommends it. It’s the only book he might be able to get through in a weekend.