Trump’s obsession with his win is well-documented. He went on a victory tour in states he won. He bragged about his victory when he was asked a question about rising anti-Semitism in the US while standing next to Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu. He bragged about his victory when visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture during Black History Month. He bragged about his victory while giving a speech to Snap-On employees in Wisconsin. He bragged about his victory during his visit to Louisville, Kentucky. And he bragged about his victory while giving a ‘speech’ at CIA headquarters, and did so while standing in front of a wall with stars for each of the 117 American spies who have been killed in action.

But he also doesn’t seem to grasp that his victory is largely predicated upon a few thousand swing voters in swing states going for him over Clinton—and that he lost the popular vote by more than 3 million:

Watching Trump try to do the sort of mental gymnastics in which he insists the popular vote doesn’t matter but that he would have won it if he had wanted to win it, but did actually win it because of illegal voters is like watching Limmy trying to figure out how weight works: