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Our pal Bret Stephens is at it again with another “Hey, I like science, but it’s kinda stupid and wrong” column (“Climate of Unintended Consequences,” The New York Times, 5/4/2017). It’s linked above, but if you’d like me to save you some time, here’s shorter Bret Stephens:

Climate change is real, and its consequences will be terrible. But at one point those most concerned about climate change were advocating for biofuels. and even George W. Bush pushed for increases in ethanol, because Bush was obviously concerned about the climate. Well, it didn’t work out so well, and those most concerned about climate change abandoned the idea of biofuels. Pretty embarrassing, huh? They probably don’t want me to even mention it. I mean, I guess forming a hypothesis, testing it, reporting the results accurately, and making an assessment once the results are confirmed are pretty much the scientific method in action. But still, science is kinda dumb.

Even shorter Bret Stephens:

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